How Is It

C6 has been out for about a month now and I’m curios as to what people think so far. I have a big issue with the run time errors/crashes/restart the program issues, blah blah blah :unamused: But I’m a Cubase head and the pluses completely outweigh the negatives so I wont be switching DAWS anytime soon. I’m about ready to upgrade from Vista to W7 and C5 to C6 so just curios as to how folks are making out so far. Thanks

Pretty much stable here in 32bit on my macs. Some generally curiosities (knobs and faders not being responsive to mouse input, etc…)

But generally say that since v4, this has been the most stable x.0.0 release, imo.

I have a family member with a windows machine, not in the audio field, but she recently went from vista to w7 and I really have to say I like w7 a lot, especially over vista. Can’t promise C6 will run better but the overall experience will crush vista.

Aloha Sam,
I have been reading posts here about this topic since C6 was released and IMHO
It’s working out fine for most folks.
There are a few probs here and there but so far no major show stoppers.
Also there will probably be a small update soon.

For more info, just start reading some of the great post folks have ‘put up’.


Thanks for the responses. Cant wait to upgrade :smiley:

Just received my copy last night. The videos I have seen so far look pretty awesome as far as new improvements, especially the drum editing and vox comping. Looking forward to loading it up and diving in, but i have a couple of current projects in C5 so I won’t really start using it till those are completed.

I’ve been C6 for a week, overall it seems pretty stable, I’ve only done the 32bit install so far, I will add the 64bit later. Win 7 is the best Windows so far, and I used C5 on there for quite some time, its a good combo. There are the usual quirky things as Curtey and JBW have already said. One of the best things for me so far is the crisper graphics, much easier on my 53 year old eyes than C5.

In short, you won’t be sorry! :wink:

One last question, how is C6 with handling acidized wavs? I’m not a huge user of them but every once in a while they can come in handy. I have always had issues with them in C5, they never quite work as they should. Is it better in C6?

Come on, I know someone has an answer to this one :wink: I know Cubase has the tools to manually sync it. I’m just curios if they can now drag and drop like they would in say Acid Pro, or integrate as seamlessly as Rex2 files do with Cubase. Thanks Guys

C6 here for a few weeks - both Mac OSX and Windows XP Media Center SP3 - both 32bit

Working great!

I’m very impressed with the hitpoint detection, multitrack editing, and tempo detection.

The hitpoint detection is really accurate!

The tempo detection, jaw droppingly effective. Imported an MP3 of a song, brought up the Tempo Detect panel, instant tempo map. I had to adjust the beat offset since the intro of the song did not have a beat, but once the drums came in, set it to 4/4 and wow! Nearly perfect. Add to that the ability to fix the tempo and the recording follows the fixed tempo. Amazingly simple and effective!

The multitrack editing works well too. It’s a bit more fiddly than the other two features I’ve mentioned. But, I have a song we’re working that’s a 120bpm, strict “four on the floor” with loops and a real drummer. Using this feature saves hours, literally, and it was just the matter of tightening a few hits up after using this feature.

A very solid release, but then again, I haven’t had issues since C4, none.

I have an old folder of ACID loops (I think they came with ACID 2) and since Cubase version 4 (around about the introduction of MediaBay) I’ve been able to use these no problem. It was the main reason I dropped ACID :open_mouth: as I no longer needed a 3rd party app for loop-orientated stuff.

Drag-and-drop works fine from MediaBay, and you can audition (preview) the loop at the tempo of the project, etc. – all my needs are catered for, but it’s not necessarily a looper’s paradise …