How is my RME UFX+ latency?


I bought the RME UFX+ and connected it by usb 3 but now i connect it by thunderbolt.

The latency in 32 buffer size


Input latency 1.224 ms
Output latency 2.063 ms
Asio guard latency 23.220
Hw sample rate 44.100 khz
Hw pull up/down off


Input latency 1.247 ms
Output latency 1.315 ms
Asio guard latency 23.220
Hw sample rate 44.100 khz
Hw pull up/down off

The input in usb 3 is lower than thunderbolt. but the output is lower in thunderbolt.

I thought it will be lower.
Is it working well?

My pc:
Intel Core i7 9700K / 1151 Tray
Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler
Corsair DDR 4 32G (16Gx2) 3200 CL16 Vengeance LPX Black CMK32GX4M2D3200C16
Corsair RM650x 650W PSU 80+ Gold Modular
Samsung SSD 1.0TB 970 EVO NVMe M.2
Seagate HDD 4.0TB 256MB SATA3 BarraCuda
Fractal Design Define XL R2

It is working well. These are excellent values! Typical RME quality.

turn off Asio Guard and your total output will be, well - your output latency :wink:

Why should he turn off Asio Guard ? That has nothing to do with the input/output latency…

I recommend you use RTL tool to check latency.
All this numbers not even close to real

Latency is about what you can use is real usage. How good it works when other part of your daw also requires resources, like IO, CPU, graphics etc. If your real life workload is flawless with 32 samples buffer it is as good as it can be. I can also use 32 samples on my fireface with firewire. But on real project with say about 20 tracks, 10 vsti’s and 10 audio recorded. Not a chance with 32 even with low sample rates as 44.1 kHz. I usually use 192 samples buffer, but is not perfect. Occasionally there are drop outs.

Just as a matter of practical use: Dont be too critical about latency! Most people tend to forget that in the real world relatively small distances between the source and the listener also create significant delay! My recommendation is: Trust your ears - as always. Some miliseconds latency (and thus delay in certain situations) are usually not audible or at least not different from natural phenomenons like the one I mentioned.

Don’t expect any dramatic differences on RME devices between thunderbolt and usb.
Their way of utilizing usb with dual firmware (PC and MAC) makes then very close.

Making low latency thunderbolt devices is a lot easier as it is essentially just PCIe on a wire.
However higher bandwidth does not automatically equal lower latency.

Yours look excellent either way.