How is possible performace changes with the same song opened?

Just before I run the session I’m working on, it was smooth, I was surprised. Nevertheless the little quantity of plugins reached after freezing, rendering track and buses, the level of the cpu was still so high since yesterday, that I was so surprised to see it only half way through.

I took a break, reload the session, and it gets stuck at 40th second.
Ok, I told myself, restarting the computer will fix it. And instead, it keeps hanging here and there.

It’s driving me nut, same peripherals, same session…different result!!!

Is anyone experiencing those situations?

Tough to assist without further detail…

You should list your software, hardware, and computer specs for the best assist. Also, is this happening only on one project? Are the “glitches” always at the same time in the project(s)? Or random?

Generally speaking though…
Maybe there was some other computer process going on in the background. Like an OS update, virus scan, etc.

Also, make sure all software and hardware drivers are up to date.

Regards :sunglasses: