How is that working for you(melodic guitar instrumental)

This is a laid back melodic guitar tune. Its still needs fine tuning…

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You need to write a melody first, then hear what chords work under it to sound how you imagine it. Because right now this sounds like a backing track with someone improvising random notes (I say random because the chosen notes just don’t work well with the chords to give a meaningful or ‘defined’ melody.) I honestly didn’t listen to more than 2 minutes I think because of the comments I just said about the melody and the lack of variation in the chord progression, it just dragged on too slowly and the intro was too long. I’ll let someone else comment on the recording stuff cos I’m inexperienced at that xD

I like some of the laidback ideas but overall the comments above should be heavily taken into consideration in my opinion. Good job so far, keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments.

I see what you are saying. To be fair it was meant to be more of a laid back instrumental for improvisation. But you are right , I should develop more of a melodic theme and make it shorter…

I quite enjoyed the ambience of it, although I agree it was a bit long. the one thing I would never do is tell someone how they should write, that to me is uncool. writing and arranging is a personal thing and everyone has their way, I’m glad theres different ways of going about it, its the spice we need. for instance, most of the time I write chord progressions I like 1st, then I hear a melody from there. if thats your way, don’t change it unless you think its not working. opinions here are only suggestions not lessons in music. mark knopfler has written music like this and people don’t seem to have a problem with it, patience is a virtue. sometimes the musician and his music doesn’t have to say it all either, as a listener I enjoyed dreaming to it and heard things that weren’t there, which is a cool experience. maybe a bit more variation and shorter, but thats up to you, you had a nice feel going on here.

Yes, that is all this track was meant to be " a nice mood" nothing more, nothing less. However I appreciate all constructive criticisms and the track was definitely too long. I posted it merely from a production perspective although I should have perhaps made that clearer from the outset…

I know what you’re saying bluebob and of course there’s never any one ‘right’ way, the only thing that matters is the final result. I commented from the perspective I did because it was labelled and put across that way. I wasn’t telling him how he should write in a general sense because I know a lot of the stuff I enjoy listening to has been written in a variety of methods and neither of those methods are inferior to the other for the purpose.

I was giving opinions on what I think is a better way for specifically melodic writing only and I wasn’t comparing that way of writing against any other way of writing nor saying which way he should be writing in. There’s a pretty big difference really. :confused:

But when it comes to “how is that working for you? melodic guitar instrumental” of course I will give opinions based on what -is- being presented as opposed to what isn’t being presented.

To be fair it was meant to be more of a laid back instrumental for improvisation.

As far as a laid back instrumental goes I still think the intro is too long, the chord progression is the same for too long to keep interest and the improvised note choices could be more defined to work better with the chords, but like anything it’s all practice. You’ve got a good start here though, the laid back feeling is there as you intended and that aspect of the piece is sounding good. Once again, keep it up :slight_smile:

I posted it merely from a production perspective although I should have perhaps made that clearer from the outset…

Yeah, if you’re after comments on something specific like production, recording tips, melodic writing, instrumentation etc it’s better to ask for it than leave it up to interpretation based from the topic title :smiley: Leave it up and post redone versions. I’m sure if Sherz or some of the others with good production experience have the time they’ll give you some really good tips that’ll help. Read through some of the threads of stuff they’ve posted too, I’ve found some useful tips in them just reading through as well as other parts of the forum.

Generally agree with everyone else here…nice mood goin on but too long…if your gonna put early stuff up to get some feedback before moving on with the track it shouldn’t be more than around 3 mins I reckon…just so’s people can get the gist of what your trying out…Kevin

Point taken…

Guitar instrumentals can’t be too long, can they?!? Anyway, I enjoyed it, made it all the way through, too! Can understand the points others made, though. Still, thanks for putting it up for us!