How is the Coronavirus affecting your business?

I don’t know who this Dr Jack (ass?) is, but he has absolutely no sympathy for the common working man. As he states, he is in no financial hardship over this situation. I get the feeling that he has never been in financial trouble and can’t relate to any kind of person who has. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Not sure what it has to do with the topic, but interesting views nonetheless.

I think “Covid” is the universally accepted term at this moment and so the OP’s typo is, possibly, no longer a valid point :wink:

Ok. Well, I suppose people can go about their business, go to work, get paid, and then die from the virus, right? Or they can choose to stay home. I don’t see how the latter is “no sympathy for the common working man” when “the common working man” is the person who would survive, right?

Did you listen to the link?

My point was, basically, that this guy can’t relate to the reality of so many people. Maybe your idea of what a “common working man” is differs from mine. Anyway, things are so ridiculous right now that I can barely function. The property I have been living in for the past five years has been sold. The new owners gave us thirty days to get the hell out. Nice timing, right? I’m getting prepared to move one thousand miles back to my home town in one week. Got a truck and a car dolly reserved, but who knows if I’ll actually be able to travel by that time. If that is the case, I’ll be homeless and jobless. I’m a machinist by trade, not a professional audio guy who can work remotely in any way. I currently do one off and prototype work for the likes of HP, Seagate, and many other critical (government connected) companies. I probably won’t be able to find a job in the same range. My Mastercam skills will help, along with my drive and determination. But, who knows.

I have never seen anything like this. People are completely losing it. I just want to be able to buy some organic ground beef again …

(Nothing against you personally. I have read and have enjoyed many of your thoughtful posts)

In certain states evictions have been prohibited during the crisis. This certainly should be universal, and I would bet that more and more governments will get on board. In Colorado your landlord will not get the help of law enforcement to evict anyone.

And if your landlord does what this one did in Colorado Springs: he won’t be evicting anyone anytime soon.

I think I understand what your point is, and I did listen to the guy.

Money is of zero value if you’re dead. If you survive but drag home a virus that kills your mom I’m sure the answer to the question “Was it worth it” would be “no”.

The doctor seems to me to be saying that people should stay home to save lives.

Now, the government can’t do anything about saving lives other than give care as best as it can. If the system is underfunded or understaffed or under equipped then more than necessary will die, but even if that’s not the case people will die. That’s a given at this point. What the government can do however is help those in financial need.

Therefore: People that go out and get sick may kill themselves or others, and the government might not be able to do anything about it. People that stay home and lose a fair chunk of money (maybe “all” money) can still be helped by the government.

I understand, and many people are going to get hit by this. But honestly I’d rather see you alive and poor than dead. And obviously I’d rather see you well off and alive, but alas…

After this virus has passed through and things are starting to pick up again “some” nations have some thinking to do about just what type of society they want to have. And that relates directly to all our situations, and the response to the virus.

All of the above is just to say that I really think the guy did have everyone’s best interest in mind, and I think it’s unfair to say he isn’t compassionate. He is. It’s just that he wants people to stay at home instead of risking it, even if the latter is in order to make a living.

Thanks, Steve. :sunglasses:

I get it. Maybe I’m just completely stressed out and need to take a deep breath. However, every breath I take feels like it will be my last. Ahhhhhh …

The U.K.’s basically shut down. I started this week thinking I had five days’ work (for multiple organisations) in the diary, this week, and by Monday evening all of it was cancelled. April and May have already gone.

I’ve not heard from Holland America yet, but seeing as the cruise contract I was supposed to be working June-October was around Alaska (and regardless, US passengers will probably mostly be locked down) I strongly suspect that’s out. My partner was due to work the same contract.

I guess the Dorico community will have to put up with my unique style of grumpy helpfulness for a while longer :wink:

Very Sorry that this caused any frustration and anger. Its undersandable when your way of life and liveliehood has been ripped from beneath your feet.

I do believe this health worker is genuinly concerned for the people that will come under his care,as well as for his colleagues.
He just wants people to realise how fast and easily this awful virus spreads, even without people knowing!!! A huge number who could be taking more care are really not taking it seriously which is terrifying.

Social distancing is THE only solution. Nothing else slows and stops the spread. If we dont do it the consequences will be worse than we can imagine.

These health workers are literally putting themselves at risk to help get people better. People these workers have no association with; peoples mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters…

And alongside this is the awful fallout for disruption and end to countless busineness. It is awful. And its all because there is no current vaccine and people need to stop breathing each others air for a time in a new and extremely significant part of our human story.

We are literally all in this together.

Take care and find a way.

Hear, hear!

Typo removed. Spelling corrected. Everyone good now? :wink:

hmmm… I’m still disappointed in you…


I’m a wedding musician here in Brazil, so this crisis is hitting me really hard (a lot of cancellations, suspensions and so on). A famous and rich “digital influencer” was infected in her sister’s wedding in the beginning of the month here in Brazil (a guest coming from Aspen was sick without knowing at the time), so even before the lockdown, people was asking for cancellations. I’m at home only working on music transcriptions (I’m also a copyst).

I’ve listened to the link. And it seems doctor Jack is at the end of his energy coping with this crisis. He just wants a bit of recognition for the people in the health services that are by the way saving your life when it comes to that?!

So I totally dig that!

I have the feeling that you feel very sorry for yourself and think that your (financial) crisis is worse that somebody else’s? But you’re wrong! Lots of people are barely coping at the moment. Me too! But at least I’m alive and healthy for the moment.

Your still healthy and not fighting for your life, are you? So get over it and deal with it! It’s just bricks and money you’re talking about! Not your life!
You’ll be amazed what you can achieve when you’re with your back against the wall and if you actually want to live? I’ve been there and I’m prepared for that again if necessary!

So stop whining about your situation and what you’ve lost and start looking for what you might gain from this situation!

Life is not only about security and mortgages! See it as new start. No home and no income. You’re totally free! You just need food and a place to sleep. And you’ll be amazed how basic life actual needs to be to be able survive? And how inspiring it can be to really start from scratch again?

Like I said, I’ve been there and I’m ready to go there again if necessary!

Just don’t go pi**ing on people like doctor Jack that only wants some recognition for the people that can save your life? Remember! If you get sick and doctor Jack is not there to help you, you’ll die!

And if all the money you have/had an/or the stones you had as a roof are gone? You might as well give it a try while your still alive in whatever circumstance you may get? You can always kill yourself if you can’t cope or don’t like it?

But if doctor Jack and his crew is not there to help you if you get sick? You’ll probably die? So again! don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

And always remember this! The worst thing that could possibly happen is that you die!

So? How? Is? The? Corona? Virus? Effecting? Your? Business? Question? Yourself? Much?

My last day of work was yesterday. Picking up my moving truck at 4 pm today. Thanks for the lecture.

Fair enough. I feel you need a soulmate that feels the same pain as you do?

As of next Monday I have no income and will be living of my savings that will get me going for maybe 1.5 max 2 months. If I don’t get income after that I’ll probably be in the same situation as you are? No home and on my own. But like I said, I’ve been in this situation for the duration of about 3 years before about 15 years ago.

I can tell you. The first few days it looks like life stops and your world has come to an end. So you can either leave it at that and die in some corner or you can try to want to survive.

Obviously I choose to survive. It took me a few years to get back where I am now. I was already skilled as an IT engineer so eventually I could get back via that track. So I’ve managed as a contractor until now? My outfall back then was related job loss and depression. It took me over a year to solve those issues and about the same time to fight my way back to where I am now.

You have a trade ‘machinist’. That will literally get you back on track once the Corona crisis has settled! After this we will need people like you again. So try to hang in there. And believe me, this is not the end of the world! This is just a setback that will be cleared soon!

So, they now work from Home.
or it just nice coincidence

LOL One does wonder??