How is this mix?

I feel I am on to something, but not sure with the bass settings. May be too deep. I sort of want to keep it deep so it punches. But you tell me :slight_smile:

I think I will have to get a subwoffersystem to get the mix right. Problem is when I cut too much it doesn´sound good and when I compare to other songs it´s not far off. Like Gavin Degraw. It sounds pretty good on my system, but too much bass on a hifi system.

Here is another mix I did with less bass, but it looses punch or fatness. Old music has this low end bass like Phil Collins from 98.

Listening to Michael Buble(everything) and that song has low end bass. With a good fatness.

Both sound OK here on my small PC speakers, and the ‘less bass’ version doesn’t sound lacking in what does come through on these, and I’m used to hearing all sorts on them.