How ist that for good news??

Hi Bros in trade

This is indeed great news:
Iosono Anymix pro will be implemented into Nuendo 6…
It includes surround upmix, panning and more, formally prized at over 300 $.
The estimated release date is, according to Iosono, 1st quarter 2013.
Sales promotion teams @ SB: Yodle it out loud …lol…

Big happy K

Ist not so good if you already spent over $300 for the plugin and get no credit for it in N6 upgrade!

Potentially no so Big happy Breeze


The world is a valley of hunger, despair, measles, betrayel and wasted money.
Always look at the bright side of life. Many happy people and some who get kicked in the butt.
I guess, everybody here has been in this sit at least once…
Take it like a man… sigh …& a fat :wink:
Big K

I am always happy when Waves do these xy-sale 80% off things - selling (or giving away) the Diamond bundle for 1200 USD or something… I payed well over 3500 EUR years ago :laughing: