How locate/save audio files of project?

Hey guys im using cubase6 and often i want to move a project onto another computer. With many audio files used in projects scattered over multiple drives it is hastle and time consuming to go into the pool and locate each audio file one by one to copy over. Is there a way to simply locate and save all audio files together in one go?

If you would create a song in its own folder you wouldn’t have that problem. The song creates a folder called audio inside the folder it’'s saved in where it keeps its audio. Just don’t import audio without copying it to the song folder. (don’t use linked audio)

Save a copy of the song folder for a back up.

Songs have their own folder. Thing is that i have a ton of songs that ive imported audio into the projects without copying/saving into the song folder. Wasnt wise but stuck with a bunch of messy projects now.
for my situation any easy solution besides locating each individual audio file one by one and copying ?

Maybe Martin can help you out with some kind of command that copies all linked files or something.

A cubase bundle file would do that but not sure if they still have that format.

The Archive and Backup functions (Operation Manual).