How long are crossfades? Determine the number of milliseconds


Would like to know how many milliseconds the number 34 is. If it depends on the bpm I’d like to know the formula to calculate it.

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I would expect this display follows the Primary Time Display. So if you change the Primary Time Display to the Time code or the Second, this display would follow. Just my guess…

Good idea, but it actually doesn’t… EDIT: it does, if you do it correctly

Anyhoo, if I am not completely wrong, the formula for converting the ticks to seconds is:


The bars+beats length is composed like this “”. Ticks are per default 120 per 1/16 (semiquaver) note. The tempo in Cubase is always in reference to a 1/4 note.
So for a tempo of 120bpm the value of one tick is:

60/(120*4*120) = 0.001s 

I would expect this display follows the Primary Time Display

@Martin.Jirsak thats what it says here, too:

Length field
Allows you to enter fade lengths numerically. The format of the values displayed here is determined by the time display on the Transport panel. Fade Dialog for Event-Based Fades

Argh, you’re right, I just changed the display of the project ruler, not the transport panel, my mistake. :man_facepalming:
Yep, setting the Primary time display in the transport bar works just as @Martin.Jirsak suggested.

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Be aware, the main ruler might not be in sync with the Primary Time Display. The Primary Time Display is the"master".

I have to praise Cubase in this regard. As far as I understood, when you set the default crossfade length to 15 milliseconds it corresponds to some ticks at some bpm.

If you change the bpm, open another project with another bpm, the default crossfade setting stays at the same length in terms of milliseconds but not in terms of ticks. That’s cool.