How long before they fix that TIME DISPLAY BUG?

I can’t stand to look at those numbers jumping around like they’re in a paint shaker! :angry:

I don’t have a readout on my controller (that really looks like an oversight now), so I’m making do with the tiny numbers on the transport. But I’m really missing the large numbers from the time display. I had no idea how much I’d miss it until this happend! Is there any word on how long before this is corrected?

I haven’t noticed this…screenshot?

Same thing here. Flickering pretty badly in the Time Display.

You can’t do a screen shot, because ithe screen print freezes the motion and the time display just looks normal. But when it’s running the numbers are jumping all over the place. You can actually get a headache from looking at it too long!

Hello Keyplayer,

the bug is already fixed, so it will be part of the N7.0.30 update.


Great! When is that release date?

Looks like this. Dropbox - Error

Tease :wink:

Whoa… I watching that video made me feel…not okay. haha

Glad to hear it will be fixed.

Interesting that this bug is only resident in Bars and Beats mode. Every other mode works fine.