How Long Did It Take You to Get Good at WL?

How Many Years Did It Take You to Get Really Good at Using WaveLab?

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  • 2 Years
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Hello All–

I do all of my own songwriting and production and I’ve been thinking about how much more fluent I am with my sequencer/host program than I am with Wavelab. I’ve used WL since version 4 came out, but if I had to guess, I would say I use it 1/100 as much as I use my sequencer software.

So, I’m really digging in and trying to understand the tricks and features now that I’ve upgraded to WL 7 and wondered how long did it take you to truly be proficient at mastering with it?

I’m reading the manual during my lunch break and of course, using the program is the best way to get good at anything, but wondered what the learning curve is? Please take the poll.

I appreciate knowing.

If you are talking about proficiency with WL 7 after upgrading to that from a previous version, then it was only a matter of weeks. Love it.

Ah, I should have clarified. Thanks for bringing that out. No, I was referring to your use of WL from the begining when you first started using it until you got good at mastering with it–not the upgrade. :nerd:

I came on board when 2.0 was new. It was a much simpler program back then. Compared the the program it replaced, Sonic Studio, Wavelab was VERY easy!

If I had never before seen Wavelab and just jumped right into version 7, I’d be very overwhelmed.

The support you get on this forum from PG is what makes a huge difference. There are many tasks I need to accomplish, and don’t know what approach to take from within the software. When I ask for a feature on the forum, PG will usually say - you can already do this in Wavelab by doing … In some cases my requested feature was added.

Wavelab is a very deep program that can do multitudes of thing’s I might not even have imagined. In my case, there is hardly ever a scenario where Wavelab can’t make me more efficient vs. other programs.

My answer was 1 year to get good with Wavelab. I use it every day at work, and even on weekends as a hobby.
That said, there are always new features to discover as new needs arise, so it’s a life long journey.


My answer was 1 year to get good with Wavelab. I use it every day at work, and even on weekends as a hobby.

I second the above statement. The more you’re frustrated with it now, the less you’ll be frustrated with it later, and, at least for me, it’s far better at pure recording and wave file tweaking then any sequencer I’ve used. I probably wouldn’t use wavelab, for example, to compose a song because I don’t have the live setup and mixer required to do that. A sequencer with midi directed synths and samples is better for that for me because I can fully OCD it later.