How long do you have to wait for a notification email etc to audition a trial version?

Hi. I purchased Cubase Elements in 2017 & I have a USB- eLicenser.

I never get any immediate notification when I request a trial version.But I receive weekly notifications for everything else.Ive also checked my spam folder.

Ive had one access code for Cubase 10.5 Pro in the past but it took a while to arrive & I don’t even bother inquiring any more. But i’m curious how long do you have to wait for an access code?

I changed my password & email address & requested a trial of Cubase pro a fortnight ago & still haven’t received any notification. I’m using Ublock origin & Ghostery addons in Waterfox browser.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

In my experience, it takes a few minutes.

Hello Martin . Thanks for clarifying.

Ive deactivated every add on in my browser & went through all the steps to audition a trial version over one hour ago & ive not received any notification.

Can someone please relay this issue to Admin so they can examine the sites browser.It would also be useful if any trial pages were updated to indicate how long it should take to be notified.Or any alternate options.

I don’t think i’m the only one experiencing this issue over the years with two different mail service providers.


#This post has been edited to indicate that I received an email midday on 11-11- 2021 regarding changes to licensing but no notification about my request for a trial version. ( around 20 Hours later )

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