How long does customer support usually take?

Been 4 days since I opened a ticket. I find this unacceptable in this day an age, especially when our entire industry is based on time sensitive revenue streams. Very frustrating.

Support’s provided by different organizations depending on where you registered your Steinberg Account, so there’s not one answer.

In Europe. Just found out there is. hotline, will call them up tomorrow, hopefully to fix the issue. Thanks Steve


Although i feel your pain and i still have an outstanding ticket from 2 years ago but unless you need remote desktop support most of your problems can be resolved here as the Steinberg staff do pay close attention to this NON official Steinberg forum that’s tied to your Official Steinberg product content page :upside_down_face: :rofl: :rofl: :+1:


Doubt it, but anyway … ticket #539153

Hope they can fix it tomorrow through the phone though. In a nutshell…

Cubase 10.5 Pro on an end-of-life PC in one of my studios. As soon as dongle was dropped in C12 Pro, I bought an M1 Mac. Attempted the upgrade of license, and for some reason Cubase decided/forced on me to go to C11 first, automatically. From there on, unable to go up to v12, error in license.

It will , you need to have your activation licence input into the Elicencer so the 11 licence gets marked as (non upgradable ) once you run maintenance and then C12 licence should show up in your My steinberg , IF you have followed the slightly confusing update path correctly

Slso you need to make sure that the latest of Elicencers are installed otherwise you’ll end up with an Error 22 ,

What’s the error? Can you post an image of the elicenser window? (blur the serials)