How long does it take for a ticket to be answered?

I opened a ticket 3 days ago and nobody has replied yet. Is this normal? I’ve googled about this and it seems various people never had a reply to their tickets.

I am trying to register my Cubaser 8.5.2 dongle so I can download it onto another computer because I am transferring all my work, and it keeps saying another user has already registered it! I have a legit copy! This is very important and I am behind schedule now!

Are there any official Steinberg staff here who can help please?

I once managed to submit a ticket many years ago, it took almost 5 weeks to get a standardized reply which didn’t answer my question. better try your luck in the forum, there are a lot of people here that know a lot of stuff. make a post describing what you want to do, and what kind of licenses and hardware you have. like if you have a USB dongle with the Cubase 8.5 license all you have to do is move the dongle to a new computer. if you have a soft license there are more steps so try to be as accurate as possible when describing your problem