How long does it take to for deactivation of software to show?

I just purchased a mac studio so I deactivated one of my systems and I go to reactivate on the new mac and it’s saying all licensees are being used. How long does it take to register deactivated? And if keeps showing 3 license in use when I deactivated one how do I fix that?

I believe it should be pretty much instant. On your new Mac, click the refresh button to the top right, or try signing out from the Steinberg Activation Manager and then signing back in to force it to refresh.

Please post on the topic below if you believe that too many activations are in use by mistake:
Cubase 12 activations limit and releasing, Steinberg Team

Ok i’ll post there becasue my nuendo and my dorico are not deauthorizing.

There has to be a better way to do this. My one night I set aside to set up my studio with my new computer I can’t get my work completed which means tomorrow I’m going to loose money. Steinberg needs to fix this.

Have you activated a trial license yet? You could try that if it’s an emergency.

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it’s not giving the option to do a trial license. do you know when the folks that can reset all my licensees will be in?