How long does it usually take for customer support to respond?

Sorry for my previous post, I forgot to translate the text into English!
Basically I was asking if you knew the (average) response times of Steinberg support. I submitted a ticket 10 days ago but still no response! Since the ticket concerns Cyber Deals which expire in a few days (December 11th) I was hoping to have a response by that date! I also sent a second ticket reporting my “urgency” but the second one also went unanswered. Are these normal times or am I doing something wrong? Thank you very much!

I guess it depends on where in the world you are. I submitted a ticket via the Steinberg website 2 days ago and Yamaha Canada responded to me more or less 24 hours later. The subject of my request has been resolved, it concerned activation codes.

Very efficient and polite, I had excellent service.

Unfortunately, as @Rene_L mentioned, it seems to vary greatly depending on where you are located and who is providing the services. The few times I have needed to contact support in the USA have been painless and smooth with quick response times.

What exactly is your concern? If you describe your situation and/or complication, maybe someone here can help you.

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Thanks for your answers! I think I was less lucky than you, because I’ve been waiting for a response for many days. I’m in Italy, I chose “Submit a ticket” on Steinberg’s Help site and wrote to them in English. What I was asking to the support team was clarification regarding the software with which I could crossgrade. I saw interesting offers for Cyber Deals and was interested in Absolute 6. The price of Absolute 6 drops - with the “crossgrade” option - if you already own one of the software they list, including Retrologue 2 and Padshop 2. I have these two software because I have Cubase 13 pro and they are included. My question was whether they were good enough to buy the crossgrade offer. But having not yet had support I am a little disappointed and I think I will abandon the intention of purchasing Absolute 6.

Do the exercise, calculate what it would cost you if you bought all these instruments and expansions separately and compare with the Deal. This might help you make a decision.

You know, just with HALion 7 and Groove Agent 5, it’s worth it…

They make it pretty clear that the bundled versions cannot be used for the crossgrade …

Of course it’s worth it, I know! And it’s even more convenient if I’m eligible for crossgrade rather than a full purchase!

thank you! I didn’t see that note!

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You’re welcome.