How long does support take?

Just wondering how long it takes after a support ticket is issued to get some support?

I’ve been waiting two days and still can’t get SpectraLayers 8 licensed.


If your post has a meaningful title, the dev himself will probably answer.

I try to respond to all technical posts regarding SpectraLayers, unfortunately licensing issues are a bit beyond my reach…
However here’s the licensing procedure:
After your purchase you should have received a Download Access Code
You should then login to your MySteinberg account to get an Activation Code from the Download Access Code.
And then you can enter that Activation Code into the eLicenser Control Center program to activate SpectraLayers Pro 8.

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Hi Robin

Thanks for getting back to me, but that didn’t really help. So I uninstalled v8, and started again from scratch.

This time a different window popped up which allowed me to get an Activation Code form the Download Access Code, and … voila! The riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma which is Steinberg’s installation procedure worked.

Thanks again.