How long the crossgrade validation takes?

I went to buy Spectralayers 9 and since I have RX Advanced I thought to go for the crossgrade offer.

While purchasing I submitted the receipt for RX and my order now is pending validation. It’s open for 4 days now without any progress.

How long that takes usually?
Not a great thing to leave someone to wait 4+ days just to buy something…


Hi, was your purchase approved?

I submitted my crossgrade documentation yesterday when I began the process to purchase Specturalayers 9. At that time I was informed that it would normally take two BUSINESS days to approve my request for crossgrade purchase approval.

It’s not approved yet.

I ended up purchasing from sweet water.
It was instant.

I received my approval first thing this morning. So it took only a few hours since I sent my documentation on a Saturday.

yeah mine came in this morning too.
Oh, well, too late!

I submitted for a crossgrade from Adobe and RX7 on the week they released SpectraLayers Pro 7…
I am STILL yet to receive a response.

I waited for a response all the way until the Black Friday sale that November and took advantage of the huge SL Elements 7 discount then immediately took advantage of another Black Friday discount to upgrade from Elements to Pro the same day. I think it actually cost me less than the crossgrade in the end but the point of the story is: Don’t hold your breath on ever getting a response.