How Long?

A project I’m working on keeps crashing whenever I attempt to export it to an audio mix-down.

I raised a case for this over 48 hours ago, and other than confirmation that the case has been raised, nothing.

Is this normal?

What kind of question is this, is this a normal?
Give details about what are you doing.

  1. Do you have playback of your project?
  2. How many track are in project and of what kind (audio, midi, instruments etc.)
  3. Does export starts and then crash ’ (maybe your disk is full or you want to
    write on read-only media). Did you get any error message from Cubase?

First mute all tracks and then “Solo” one audio track. Try to export to audio mixdown.
Doest it works?
What version of cubase you have?

What kind of question is this, is this a normal?

It’s the kind of question that you’d ask if you were wondering what the normal response time of Steinberg is and the answer is yes it’s normal…in fact it’s not abnormal for people to complain they had no response weeks later so your best bet is to do as suggested and post more details here.

This happened to me and it was plugin related. In my case I was using a PSP Meter and this crashed Cubase when exporting an audio file.
When you get the Cubase has stopped working window there is a drop-down menu which should tell you the offending plugin - (with a bit of luck!!!).

I have the same problem which started with 8.0.10, never had that issue with prior versions.
It is related to plugin instruments. I have this now regulary with NI Battery 4 and Kontakt but also noticed it with other plugins. I work around it by checking the realtime export option. This strangely gives an error on first run but when I click it a second time it works fine. Very time consuming and annoying.
I sent several crash log files to Steinberg already 3 weeks ago with no reply so far (except the confirmation message).

So really the question is…why on earth is Steinberg support so bad!! or…why do they ignore their customers!!