How make eLicenser work on windows 7

I had a difficult time getting elicenser to work on windows 7. So i thought I would write down a little guide on how i did it. I hope someone finds it usefull.

right click on Computer, and from the drop down menu select “Manage”.
And in the right side of the window that poped up select: “Local Users and Groups”.
Next select “Users”, you will now see 4 accounts (at least).



“Your account name”

Right click on Administrator, and select poperties.
In this window the settings for the ulimate unrestricted account is displayed.

At the second lowest checkbox it says “Account is disabled”, uncheck it!
And press the ok button, and close the computer management window.

Now press the start button, and press the arrow on the right side of the Shut down button.
Select switch user, and log into your Adminitrator account.

Now from this account you can succesfully lunch, install, and make Cubase 6 work on Win7.

Just make sure you have these steps right:

1: Make sure you have the newest Microsoft net framework 4 installed,
eLicenser, and the usb driver from the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC)

Microsoft net framework 4:

eLicenser Control Center(driver included):

2: if at anytime the licenses does not display popperly, then restart the computer.

3: And the best thing would be to allways use the same USB ports for; eLicenser usb stick, MIDI equipment and so on.

PS: feedback is allways nice :wink:

I’ve never had a problem with the elicenser with Win 7 with either 32 bit or 64 bit.

Or you could just disable UAC, be logged permanently as admin & be done with any more faffing around :wink:

Ha, +1,that’s probably why I haven’t had problems.

I did… and it didn’t work :neutral_face: