How make instruments playing at the same time!

Anyone knows how to make different instruments play at the same time.

As it is now I have to activate the tracks I want sound from and that seems almost insanely stupid.

I reveal that I haven’t read the manuals because I mostly die before even opening books.

But I guess there is some kind of setting I have missed, do you know?

What do you mean now, playback or monitoring the tracks ?
The tracks in the jpg are record enabled, and if you have Cubase preferences/VST/ Auto Monitoring set to “While record enabled” the tracks would not playback.


Thanks for you help!

The Preference/VST/Auto monitoring is set to “Manual”.

What setting will I need to make the already recorded tracks, instrument tracks or whatever to play in the background when recording a new track?

I do not need to know what setting I have to use to “not” make them play. I need the opposite, information of how to make it work!

You should not have to activate the tracks to hear playback.

Peakae was asking how you had the Preference/VST/Auto monitoring set as that could have caused your problem. Since you say this is set to “Manual” this is not the problem.

How are your tracks routed, I notice you have a Mute on something somewhere?