How Many ASIO Drivers Does N12 have

Can I get inputs and output to my Lynx Aurora at the same time outputting to and inputting from the Dolby Atmos Bridge? TY…s

No. DAR feeds the monitors. Audio Bridge feeds the renderer.

I haven’t been using Audio Bridge but that’s how DAR works on an external renderer so it makes sense that it would operate the same way. I highly recommend running Nuendo on a custom PC (which can be built more powerful than any Mac and for less money) with a Clara E Dante card, pop an LT-Dante card in your Aurora, a PCIeR in your Mac, and just use the Mac as an external renderer. Running DAR/DAMS and analog together isn’t possible on a Mac.


Hi - I am already committed. I have the largest Mac M1 Studio you can buy. While doing the instal, Frank, the tech at Vintage Kings informed me that Nuendo has a driver issue where I could not input audio from the Lynx, output to the DAR internal bridge, input from the DAR via the internal bridge, and output audio to the Lynx at the same time.

Is this a known problem? Is there a work around it?

All can think to do it to is first record all tracks coming from outside then just use the Atmos bridge to the DAR, the DAR bridge back to N12 and then output to the Lynx to my 9.1.4 speakers.

In hindsight I might of done it differently but I am committed now…

Sorry to hear that. You could’ve built a much more powerful PC for less money and had the ability to simply swap CPUs out for the latest tech whenever it becomes outdated instead of having to buy a whole new Mac each time.
We have no problem using Aurora with Nuendo and DAR, but we run Nuendo on a PC. DAR is currently on a Mac Mini w/ PCIeR as its CORE device. We ran DAR on another PC for a bit, but switched it back to the Mac because its already running reference tracks over Dante Virtual Soundcard anyway.
DA3 only works with Dolby Bridge to DAR (Mac only), but its pretty much a waste anyway, since the EQ and limiter are significantly inferior to making adjustments in the original mix. Its one saving grace is the ability to align your stereo and Atmos masters to ensure they start and end at precisely the same moment… but you can accomplish the same task with Nuendo anyway so :man_shrugging:.

Im not expecting you to sell the Mac, build a stronger PC with the money, pop an LT-Dante in the Lynx and run DAR on any old PC or Mac over Dante; but it works flawlessly; so maybe there’s a detail in all this here that will help you come up with a solution that works for you.

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