How many computers can install Cubase AI onto?

Hi all

Greetings from a newbie to Cubase.

I’m just about to get a Yamaha AG03 which comes with a version of Cubase AI. Hooray!

I’ll be using it on my laptop for recording on location, but I’d also like to give it a spin on my main DAW and see how editing goes with it.

Can I install two instances of it, is my question?

This could be just the right opportunity for me to start migrating to Cubase as Cakewalk has just died.

Many thanks and kind regards

Hi and welcome,

Is you are using Soft-eLicenser (what is by default) you can use it on single computer only. Once you want to use it on another computer, you have to Reactivate the license.

But you can transfer the license to the USB-eLicenser. Then you can install your Cubase to multiple computers. Where is the USB-eLicenser with the license plugged in, you can start your Cubase.

Thanks Martin.