How many computers for a Cubase Pro 10 license?


I want to download Cubase Pro 10 for both my laptop and desktop…do i need to buy/download 2 copies of it?

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The CB Pro 10 license is stored on a USB eLicenser (which you will need to purchase separately if purchasing Cubase from the Steinberg Shop). So you can install your CB on both computers and it will run on whichever computer has the USB eLicense dongle connected to it. So… one computer at a time.

If you want to run CB Pro 10 on both computers at the same time then you would need to purchase a 2nd full software and anothe USB eLicense dongle. Some do purchase a less expensive version of CB for the purpose of running a 2nd computer without having to move the USB dongle. A version like CB Elements 10 does not require a USB eLicense. The license for CB E 10 is stored on the computer itself (called a Soft-eLicense) and you could use both at the same time if necessary.

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That’s great to hear, been a bit torn between Abelton and Cubase but think this might have swayed me…thanks for the info Prock!

I actually didn’t know that Cubase Elements doesn’t require a USB eLicenser. Thanks for that little piece of info. Might be the way to go if you want Cubase on your laptop without having to remember to bring the eLicenser with you.

my new pc arrives in over 2 weeks time but my pc i’m using right now, could i install on both machines as i wanna have a play with it right now or will it not allow me to install the software twice??
can i install cubas pro 11 on all my machines and use them as i want by transfer the dongle to the machine i wanna use …is this possible??

Hey! Hope your new pc has been great! And yes, you can just install willynilly anywhere, and just plug the USB in the one you are using at the time.

“If the software is protected by a hardware-based license management device (hereinafter the USB-eLicenser) alone, you may install a license for the software on one or at most 3 computers which are in your possession”.

Terms & Conditions | Steinberg