How many computers install Groove Agent 5

Hi all,

Just a quick question. How many machines can I install a single purchase of Groove Agent 5 in?


for now just one…

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Actually you can install it on multiple computers. But you can only run it on one at a time. Specifically the computer that has the dongle with the GA5 license plugged into it.

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Hi Raino,

I use the soft eLicenser. No USB dongle. Would this still work? I only ever use one computer at a time

No. There is a mechanism to move a soft eLicense to a different computer. But it is more for migrating to a new system and not hopping back and forth between computers. You could get a dongle and move your license onto that, then you could move it around.

Copy that Raino!

Thanks for the info! Have a number of Steinberg products. Can I just buy a Steinberg USB Dongle and put the licenses there? I imagine the dongle must always be attached to the computer?

I started out with Soft eLicenser, can I convert them to the Steinberg Dongle?

Yeah, if I recall you just drag it from one to the other in the eLicense Control Center.

Thanks Raino! Will check it out