How many Control Extenders can be used?

Hi All, does anyone know how many Mackie extenders can be used? In particular I was thinking of having one Mackie MCU and 3 extenders. Is this possible?

as long as you use Mackie Control - yes in most cases
HUI is limited to main plus one(1) extender
as you can see by my signature i use main(8) plus 2 extenders(8+8) = 24 faders



As far as I know, there is no limit (there is no reason for the limit). I haw seen already 1+3. There are also 3 MIDI In/Out ports on the Mackie Control Universal. I cannot see any problem.

Thank you guys! I got one MCU + 2 extenders. On one of the extenders, when I move a fader, it sometimes moves back to the original position. I read this may be because it think my movement is an accidental move. Have you guys experienced this?

I wonder if it’s due to something with my midi settings.

That generally means that the MCU is not getting feedback from Cubase that the fader position has changed (despite the fact that you move it on the MCU it needs feedback).

I struggled with this at one point for ages and then found it was . . . A brand new MIDI cable was intermittent. Intermittent is the worst kind of cable.
But also make sure you have the correct MIDI out for that unit defined in the MCU setup in Cubase.


I should add: Although things have been behaving very nicely for me for quite a while - reset in the Cubase Remote setup is your friend. I’ve even turned a unit off and back on and then reset.


Most likely, this happens, when you don’t really Touch the fader. For example if you move it “from down”. To set the proper MIDI data, you always have to put your finger to the fader from top, to set the “Touch” MIDI information.

Another case would be, if the track is in Automation Read Mode.

Thank you! I found that by touching the middle + bottom of the fader, it recognizes my touch.

Do yours have the volume meters working on the scribble strip? I can’t seem to get mine to work. I hit Shift+SMPTE per the manual but cannot get the volume meters to work.