How many DirectMusic MIDI Ports can cubase have?

I noticed that DirectMusic had much more tighter MIDI than WIndows Midi.
But I can only get 1 in 1 out DirectMusic midi port in Cubase.

I’ve got something like 12 or so, so it’s definitely not limited at 1 :wink:

how did you manage to enable that many “directMusic” ports ?? I can only get 1 in x 1 out. all others are automatically set to sloppy “windows midi” or EMULATED DirectMusic.
which midi interface are you using?

mine looks llike this:
RME: directmusic
Edirol, fantom-g, motif-es, microsoft GS wavetable: WindowsMIDI or Emulated DirectMusic

I’m looking for MIDI interface with at least: 2 Ins x 4 Outs with NON-Emulated MIDI Ports

That depends on your interface´s drivers.

Unless you need 32 MIDI in and 64 MIDI out channels, you could hook up a MIDI patch bay/interface to your RME to create more physical ports, through RME’s DirectMusic driver.

2 physical midi ins is enough but at least 48 midi out chanels or 3 physicsl midi outs. Anyways, how do those midi paych bays work? How will it let me send midi to diferent midi hardware via one midi out? Im confused

Fo you know any midi interfaces that have native directmusic NON-emulated midi drivers?

They send MIDI messages from inputs to desired outputs based on

  1. into which port the message came into
  2. what is the MIDI channel of the message

That’s only part of it: My MIDIsport 8x8 has 8 physical MIDI inputs and outputs, to which my hardware synths are connected, and it connects to the PC by USB. In Cubase, those 8 h/w synths are selectable as separate inputs and outputs, and therefor each synth has 16 MIDI channels available. That’s 128 MIDI channels total.