How many drives do I need for recording?

I have a macbook pro with internal 500gb ssd drive and 16gb ram. I also have a samsung ssd 500gb external drive. I record generally one audio track at a time. I use omnisphere, RMX, NI komplete and other virtual instruments and waves plugins. I am trying to avoid having two external drives. Will I have trouble if I use my macbook internal drive for cubase and the external samsung drive for both recording and sample streaming? Or will I need to get another external drive for recording? I really don’t want to deal with three drives . Please share your experiences and recommendations . I need some guidance . Thanks

Just try it. If it doesn’t work then buy a second external drive.

It would be better that you should buy an external ssd to store your data make sure you buy shockproof external drive so that your data will be safe internal hard drive have many risk.