How many inputs can Cubasis on the iPad accept

I need to have an app on the iPad than can accept at least 4 simultaneous inputs. Auria interfaces with many devices that deliver 4, 8, 24 etc simultaneous inputs. I need to have four (preferably) balanced inputs and two (stereo) out. I looked at the list of supported hardware devices for Cubase on the iPad and they seem to have only 2 inputs.

I use Cubase 6 on my PC and love it. It would be great to have a really stripped down setup (iPad and 1 device) for recording small acoustic gigs (four inputs) that could be imported directly to the PC later or mixed on the iPad.

Thanks for any help in advance.



I asked a similar question regards interfaces with multiple outputs in this thread -

The list of compatible hardware on Steinbergs site is by no means exhaustive and I personally think it would be good if Cubasis users could post details of their audio/midi hardware and some information.
One of the replies I got was in relation to the Akai EIE interface and stated that although there are 4 outputs, Cubasis could only (appear) to address the first stereo pair. This is information well worth having before going out and spending your hard earned cash on something that won’t work to its capabilities because of (presumably) issues with Cubasis addressing the hardware.

So, as I say, would be good if there was a sticky thread were end users could give some insight and opinions into the hardware (though all of this doesn’t actually answer your question… sorry) :frowning:




I think you are absolutely fine to post your hardware in the thread “Post Your Set Up.” See

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