How many Mac users have switched from Cubase to another DAW?

How many Mac users have switched from Cubase to another DAW?

I switched to Logic Pro x and haven’t looked back. Thought I would see if things had improved on the mac here but realise I made the right decision spending my money elsewhere.

I’ve switched just the other way, from Logic Pro X to Cubase, and I have no remorse.

That’s interesting. You have no issues with Cubase 9 on a MacBook ? What made you swap from Logic Pro which is on a roll at the moment

Don’t use it much on my macbook, but what I do works.
What I like: Cubase has everything and the kitchen sink, which tends to come in handy. For example, I can get rid of spurious MIDI much easier/quicker than in Logic. I can sync long form stuff very easy to a click afterwards.
The chords track & stuff, great for mapping out songs. You can change the colors of the GUI.
Expression maps etc.
Works on Mac and PC. I don’t want to depend on Apple alone.

I like Logic too, have used it for over 20 years, and still use it.

We’re spoiled for choice nowadays.

Good stuff.

Mac issues have improved by a very large amount in 9.5, FYI. I was about to switch completely to another DAW myself!

Really? Thanks for the heads up. What issues are left ? I’ve invested so much time into Logic Pro now though I doubt I’ll come back. Especially now I have to pay nearly £200 to upgrade from Cubase 8

Triton, it’s faster and snappier in general, but there is still lag when the session has video and you zoom in and out in that session, which is bad. I spoke too soon - did my first session with video this rmorning. :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. That’s why I had to jump ship. It just wasn’t reliable enough on the mac. I do miss Cubase. But logic is v powerful and evolving at a rapid pace.

I might need to do the same at this point unless this is acknowledged and will be fixed very soon…I work to video for about 75% of my work.

Most film tv sound designer / mixers use pro tools though no?

True, but I’m a composer.

It looks like the lag only happens when thumbnails are enabled…but I need thumbnails.

I’ve added more GUI issues – it’s definitely not completely fixed, still has a ways to go in some areas. Stick with Logic for now, Triton, Mac GUI lag is still an issue in many cases.

Thank you. Hope you find a work around. (Maybe connect a second screen via iPad ? )