How many midi effect for one track in cubasis 3?


I am the user of cubasis 2 , and I want to have information about the cubasis 3 .

1 : How many midi effect AUV3 plugins can be created in one midi track in cubasis 3 ? ( How many slots for midi effect are there? )

2 : can we change the position of Midi effects by moving them to a different slot (of the same track) ?

In cubasis 2 there are only 3 slots for midi effects and No ability to move slots ?

Hi @Pejman,

Cubasis 3 allows to use up to 8 MIDI FX per MIDI track.
The individual order of individual MIDI FX plug-ins can be changed via tap, hold and move.

Hope that helps!


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That’s very nice .
Thanks lars for help. :pray::pray::pray: