How many of you are getting requests for Hi Rez Projects?

My digital desk is more than 17 years old now. I was thinking that the replacement should probably be a DM2k or an 02R-96, since they’ll handle Hi Rez signal. But I don’t think I’ve gotten more than two 96/88.2K Project requests in the last decade. All of my film work has been 48K and all the music prjects have been 44.1-24bit. So, the Hi Rez capability would just be a perk now.
But I was just wondering how many of you were getting requests for Hi Rez work and how many of you are getting requests for surround? :question:

Anybody? Are all of you working at 44 & 48K?

ah… the good ol wonder years… :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t worked in 44 & 48 for years. :sunglasses:

Not sure I understand. Is Hi Rez in the past or 44/48K?

It kinda means… why are you wondering about what resolution other people work with…
do yo own thang…:wink:

Work is a four letter word… :confused: :wink: :wink:

so is “love” :stuck_out_tongue:

To stay on topic, more or less, I do everything at 96/32 and boil it down as needed.

In post and music-for-post I get zero requests.

I explained why, shopping for a new desk.

What desk are you using now? Your signature shows euphonix which are control surfaces.

Nevermind I see you’re using a Panasonic desk. You have a damn long list in your signature.

Other thing, what’s your budget? Maybe it’ll be more advantageous for you to go with new converters and outboard gear. I got rid of my digital console years and years ago and moved to Lynx Aurora’s with an eclectic analog front end to cover all my bases. I now mix with midi control surfaces, Mackie MCU and extenders. The Eclectic mix of preamps and compressors I chose very deliberately so that I can record pretty much any genre and have ultimate flexibility on the sound of what is coming in.

Just an idea.

The market for recording gear is bloody cheap these days. You could get a few multi-channel preamps to go with the set of converters. If there are other features on the board that you would miss like built-in EQ or compression yada yada yada, maybe that won’t be a good option for you.


There seems to be a little cult following on that desk of yours!

I had considered going totally ITB with an Orion 32 channel AD/DA and Focusrite, Audient, API & UA Mic pres. But I HATE working on the MC Control! The trackball is faster for 90% of the tasks. So, I’d need a REAL controller (Nuage, S-6 or even a used Sys. 5MC). With the exception of the Sys. 5MC, those controllers are out of my budget. But all of the used Sys. 5’s I’m finding are in a “not long for this world” condition, so…

I want the DM2 because it’s the most bang for the buck. I intend to load it to it’s full 96 track capacity and go back to MIXING ON A MIXER. I’m sick of the menus, paging, updates and the inevitable bugs! Besides the mixing capability, the DM2K actually has a controller level specific to Nuendo built in. So, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t miss the Euphonix unit at all, and at the price they’re going for now, I could still get the Audient & Focusrites for the front end and just mix on the desk on the back end. At least that’s the current plan.

I just wondered if I’d get any REAL use out of the 88/96k section of the desk, since I wasn’t getting any call for it. Mostly what I’m learning from other guys is that a LOT of them are tracking/mixing at 96 because of their own preference, NOT client request. Then they just convert down to low res to fill the delivery orders.

True! If something WORKS, that’s what you use. But at 17 years out, repairs are becoming harder and harder to sort out. There is a much larger group just buying and selling stripped out 7’s for parts so that the owners can do their own repairs. :astonished: I’m not trying to go there.

If the Audient 8024 had Automation and Total Recall, I’d probably try to go for that. But since it doesn’t, the DM2K seems the most affordable choice and would be an upgrade in features for me.

Well i am quite satisfied with the pc i have and surprise you that my pc is having window xp till now. I think i should turn it to window 8 or higher version.

Most I get asked for is 24 bit 48k.