How many of you use Channel Strip

use Cubase’s built in Channel Strip ?

  • Yes
  • No

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How many of you use (at least 10% on entire project) Cubase’s built in Channel Strip (not including eq and LoCut/HiCut) ?

Use it all the time. The gate, transient-shaper and Tape Saturation are great, but the Vintage compressor is my go-to. Fast, easy, and sounds like a great FET compressor/limiter. Can run a million of them too.

Nope. I own better offerings :slight_smile:

All the time, eq included. I use 3rd plugins just to diversify where I need (vocals, special tracks or when I need something different). The strip changed my workflow definitely, becoming more “analog”, conceptually.
If someone thinks the channel strip is a toy, give it a try. It works well and fast. The console-like is a good way to approach the mix without distraction (too many plugins, today!) and the sound quality is enough good to encourage the using.


Your vote should include

  • rarely
  • occasionally
    as I do, if the chosen preset fits my needs.

If I’m not satisfied with the preset selection (including EQ and chanel strip), I delete all settings and start from scratch with third party effects. :unamused:


Almost never. Making the Channel Strip menu GLOBALLY take the place of the EQ menu on the channel settings window (where I the majority of my mixing) is a dealbreaker. Not a very intuitive way to implement it, to put it lightly.

You’re aware it’s just a tab (and so is EQ) and won’t show up again unless you select it, right?

Aloha guys,
and except for voxes, yes.

I don’t generally use it, but I likely would use it a fair amount if the GUI controls weren’t so very very tiny. I find it too difficult to use because of that.

same here! I disable it and don’t miss it most of the time.

same reason i dont use it. it makes gui way to cluttered and messy

I agree to the “cluttered and messy”.

My workflow that has developed over the years is based on UAD plugins mostly. Also use Slate’s VCC as first insert in 80 % of my projects.
Nevertheless the channel strip is great addition: Gate, Envelope Shaper and Magneto get an amount of usage here, ocassionally also the compressors and the dudes from the limiting section.

Agreed. These fit my needs too.

Regards :sunglasses:


Vintage Compressor is easy, fast and sounds good. I very seldom find any need to use any other compressors. I also use the Cubase EQ almost exclusively.

Having a gate there all the time, like on a proper board, is a great idea. Saves time. Works a charm.

Been experimenting with the saturator but I think I prefer my 3pd saturators

Having a proper channel strip, like on a real console is great imo. Really good for quick and dirty edits. Can only get better. Be nice to be able to assign 3pd to the strip with devs producing a “strip-compatible” control layout, perhaps…Or a section where we could incorporate small smart controls for said 3pd eq/gate/etc



Just to clarify. I use the plug-ins that are in the channel strip, but as inserts not as part of the strip. I think the channel strip plug-ins are fine but the interface ain’t.

Interesting question… However, out of 100K+ users 17 is a pretty small sample. Nevertheless, I don’t use it either, have other tools I am currently married to. :wink:

I rarely use the Steinberg plug-ins. I pretty much only use the studio EQ from time to time for something quick, Magneto, and the Maximizer. Sometimes, I’ll used a strip preset, but not that often. Everything else is third party, mainly FX from NI’s Komplete 10 Ultimate or the built in FX of an VSTi. If I could integrate third party plug-ins with the channel strip, perhaps I would use it, perhaps not. I prefer to use a full interface. I got over the “feels like a hardware console” thing a long time ago and I like a full view of the various options a plug-in offers. A channel strip doesn’t offer so many options and it feels limited.

Cubase plugins are ok to do some quick stuff.
But that’s it.
I need plugins I can also use for mastering.
Mastering plugins for the mix are the best.

Fabfilter, Brainworx, Sonnox

If Cubase plugins reach the quality of these I’ll only use Cubase plugins. :wink: