How many PC's can I use at the same time with CUBASE pro 12?

I’m thinking about buy Cubase 12 and install it on my desktop PC and my laptop.
I often work simultaneously with both platforms at the same time.
it’s not clear how many platforms can I use at the same time
please reply

You can run 3 computers at the same time . no more than that

Hi, thanks for your answer.
i’m worried because here,in Spain it’s not clear in the specifications that you can run more than one at a time wich is a deal breacker

Here ,and the full ink below that :
Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg

yeah, it’s that part that says " and it’s not permitted to use the software simultaneously on three computers"
I understand from this that i can install it on three devices but I just can use it on one device at a time. I can’t be recording with one device and my partner editing a session on another device


It’s a single user licence but if you have 3 computers activated then… who’s to know ? BUT the terms are one user , if all three computers are in a studio and the studio owns the licences then i would of thought who ever works for the studio can use the licence (but im sure i’ll be corrected very shapely if not correct )