how many presets comes with padshop pro?

ive just bought the padshop pro upgrade and was trying to find the (a beautiful thing) preset but cant find it.ive checked the factory pro folder and found 50 prsets in there but none of the presets which were demoed in the padshop pro audio demo page…
now if Steinberg has taken presets from expansions and put them into the audio demos without advertising them as not with the factory content then I feel ripped off and in the uk its classed as false advertising which they can get into trouble.

so can anyone tell me how many presets I should have in padshop pro because ive upgraded…thanks

Man … come on. You cannot find the factory presets in your media bay and seconds later your first thought is “false advertising”? :unamused:

Congratulations … you have found the 50 additional presets of the “Factory Pro” set. One folder up the the media bay “Folder view” is another set named “Factory” that is included in the standard and pro version, containing 406 presets. And that means: 456 presets in the pro version.

The pro versions comes with 50 additional presets (no, not hundreds more) and, that is the real pro-function: with the ability to import own samples and design you complete own presets.

Hope that helps … btw all information about the pro version features can be found here:



I was asking a reasonable question and the reason I asked is if you check out the padshop pro audio demos advertising padshop pro not the expansion packs none of those preset demos are contained in normal padshop pro so I have a viable reason too think ive been falsely advertised too.

its exactly the same as if you bought a cd which advertised prodigy tracks and when you got it home it was coldplay…Steinberg should advertise there products correctly.

no need to be sarcastic with your answers the reason I was asking about how many presets were contained was I had the same issue lots of others have had concerning padshop pro the sounds didn’t install or wernt visable in mediabay I could find the folder but they wernt displaying so after reading the forums I reinstalled ,rebooted and the presets were visable but like I said the ones in the demos wernt.

thanks for the heads up on how many padshop pro has your saying 456 but mine says 716 so ill have to check why its displaying more than you say its not doubles ive already checked that.

You should then describe more precise your situation and read more precise what has been answered. The precise answer for your question was:

Factory: 406
Factory Pro: 50

and I advised you not to overreact by claiming “false advertising” without knowing all facts.

For instance, when you have purchased “Padshop Pro Upgrade Bundle” (including Zero Gravity expansion") you get 250 presets more … you can find that info on the bottom of the product page I linked to.

My Padshop shows 1226 Presets … oh my god. :mrgreen: