How many registered Cubase users are there?

Anybody know how many registered Cubase users there are out there in the world?

I’m really curious about how many of us there are. Anybody know?

last I heard there were


Of course this figure could have changed sine I last heard.

I think I am the .56.

No really I’m curious.

Now see that’s funny, cause I heard there were only 4,234,501! go figure :confused:

Unless you remember your grammar school math, this will be difficult to calculate, but if you multiply the sine of the square root times the constant pie and divide by apples and oranges you’ll be close, within ± 10%, which is the legal limit unless you are on the west coast where objects in the mirror are actually closer than they appear.
Got it?


We should blame it on the mainstream media. Various Agenda have been culled. That might account for the disparity in figures between tabloids

That, or simple math errors.

If we were to assume that every registered user has joined the forum then there are a grand total of -23 users.


The minus 23 thing has been posted a couple of time in the forum issues section.

To work out the number of forum users:

Click on “Members” near the top of the page. Go through the individual letters of the alphabet, there you will find how many users there are that start with that particular letter. Add up all these numbers.


Awe geeze come on guys, Doesn’t anybody know how many?

While this is an interesting question, I’m not sure it would be in Steinberg’s best interest to let this kind of info out. On one hand it could lead to a pissing contest between all daw brands with non-varifiable numbers being put forth to show how great they all are. On the other hand…well I don’t see an upside.

The square root of minus one.

ah yes, but the real question is, how many unregistered users are there?

I swear somewhere I read a breakdown of DAW sales figures awhile back; can’t recall the source. But I do recall that Cubase and Logic commanded most of the market share, then PT. The article I read gave sales figures but I don’t remember them, and I have no idea where they got them. I also don’t remember those numbers but I DO remember they were MUCH higher than I would have guessed

I would love to see this article. This is just what I was curious about. You don’t remember where you saw this?

I have 3 Steinberg dongles, 2 registered and 1 not so.
More math.

is the ‘share’ not going to change depending on the sector we’re looking at. In some circles protools will take the major share. In other circles Cubase/Nuendo will be a major player. In others Ableton Live will be a major player.

“…more than 1.5 million users worldwide…”


The upside is bragging rights. Nobody wants to buy software that does not have a big community.

Thanks for that!