How many time can I reactivate cubase 7 within a license?

I took notice that I would be re installing windows and recovering a lot it which in fact removes the entire cubase software because of torrenting. (Don’t ask lol) besides the usb licenser or the call/email to recieve a new activation code is there like a way to transfer license or something Is there even a limit as to how many times I can reactive to get a new code?

Well you don’t say which flavor of Cubase you are using. If the Cubase you are using uses the dongle to license it then you just need to re-install Cubase & the eLicense software and plug in the dongle - the license is assigned to the dongle not any particular installation. There is no need to reactivate and you can actually run Cubase on multiple machines using the same license as long as the dongle is plugged into that machine.

If you are use the soft-license someone else will need to advise you (or do a forum search since the question has likely been answered several time before).

I use soft-elicenser and I already checked but there is no luck