How many times do I have to set the color pallette??!

Is it just me? Am I doing something wrong?

Ive spent at least 10mins on a few occasions changing all the default color patterns to colors that I enjoy working with. Then, next thing I know, I’m working on a project a few days/weeks later and the colors are all default again.

I’ve clicked the “save current set as default” and then “load default into current set” countless times. I dont see any other options to “save as…” anything.

Does this have something to do with “preferences” as well? When I load a project my preferences are never the same as I saved them last. I always have to load my preferences. I figured they would save as the default right?

Anyways…what am I doing wrong here? Thanks!

Open up your default project, do your colours and save that project. The colours you use will be saved to all projects that start from that default project from now on.

At the bottom of the setup window for colors, you can select This Set As Default.