How many unprofessional features

Tempo detection is a joke - :laughing:
Variaudio is a joke - Melodyne is still better on any point
MIDI editor fonctionnality (exept CC) are 10 years behind all the concurrence
Crash sometimes whenever it want without any changes from the last good working project

Absolutly 0 famous artistes produce anymore on this software and I now know why ! I did wait for many years to finally buy full PRO version, hopping il will solve all my previous issues and improve my work but I am so disappointed with all those crash like we are still in 2010, Groove agent with soundbank still the same for 20 years ! What a waste of money !

The worst part for me is there is nobody to talk with. Support from Cubase Website always answer basic stuff even if you read all the docs and are working with computer from your younger age and speak to you like a robot. There is no support for the customer exept this forum from the 2000’s ! Welcome to the worst community of internet, if you are not an english or german native speaker you won’t receive any help here :exclamation:

How do you still got new clients except those like me who got a Cubase 5 cracked and thought Cubase was the way to go ???

The icing on the cake, I got an UR242 with a nice Steinberg logo on it but for some reason stop the recording once in a while :imp:

I got a new powerful computer with everything installed patiently from all official support. 0 cracked shit. Update done and Cubase Pro 10 still looks like a really really bad expensive joke.

I know i cry for nothing and you all think I am the problem but I wanted to write this somewhere :exclamation:

559€ for CP10 and 157€ for UR242 and 0 support how is it possible ? :neutral_face:

I think you should get a different DAW that better matches your needs and expectations.

Clearly you’re not good with VariAudio, apart from not having polyphonic editing, it is just as capable if not more than melodyne.

MIDI in Cubase is still ahead in many regards even after 10 years and other DAW companies having a chance to build something new from the ground up.

Cubase is a program you design for the work you do. It’s not Ableton or Garage Band. Cubase is a management program as much as it is a DAW. You just don’t get it’s probably you who is the problem not taking the time to explore, test, and understand how something works. I barely get crashes, and the one I have been getting, support is actively helping me narrow it down (and it’s partly me pushing the program to its edge on an older system).