How many VST DSP Effects can I use in my DAW? (UR44C Yamaha Reverb + Cubase Pro)

I know that in Cubase you can use Yamaha Reverb as VST plugins (Rev-X Room, Rev-X Hall & Rev-X Plate), which are DSP based.

So, my question is how many plugins can UR44C handle? Is there a limit for a number of “Morphing Ch Strip” instances I can run as a DSP-based VST plugin? How many Yamaha reverbs can I use and what happens if I exceed UR44C DSP power? Will I still be able to use Rev-X plugins but they will be processed by the CPU and not DSP (If yes, how do I know that?)?


Whatever you set up in dspMix app is run by hardware dsp. But you also have vst versions of the same plugins. You can use them in your daw. These are run like any other plugin, using your cpu.

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