How might I put text under the lines?

Refer to the image below… how might I put the text (A, B, C, D, E) BELOW the lines that denote the type of rudiment (paradiddle, etc…)

If they’re text items – disable collision avoidance (so Dorico doesn’t make room for them), then move them in Engrave mode?

Or use e.g. rehearsal marks for those instead? You can hide rehearsal mark enclosures and change the font size of the rehearsal mark font style.

I appreciate the suggestion of the rehearsal marks… but now those conflict w the flow title that I got back into place. Is there a way to force the title above the rehearsal marks?

By changing the flow heading bottom margin (which you can also do on individual pages) or by moving the staff (staff, not system) downwards.

Or, position system objects (including rehearsal marks) below the staff.

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That’s great… this works for me. I didn’t know I could force them below, nor did I know those settings to affect their appearance / font existed (I guess I should have assumed they existed somewhere… I’d say I perhaps ‘know’ 2% of what this application can do!

I’ve experienced the “local” settings available in flow headings change… dialog, and it’s great to be able to tailor things that way, with no overrides. Especially that margin below flow heading.