How move music to next page?

move music to next page? when i need text frame (this exact case text frame but applies of course all other elements what i need move music) in my page and i need move music to next page.

In engrave mode you can select move to next page

Where ? i tested frame break. old file what i found becouse i dont have suitable own project in hand. indeed moved next page stuff from selected postion but added also middle of notes empty page.

How i can remove (i feel does always work way what i expect what i know is likely wrong way) empty page beetween non empty pages? i know how remove all empty pages but is whole different thing.

Now i try learn Doricos logic about deleting pages. is not same what is DTP program what i use honestly not need be becouse here pages generated mainly when they are needed automatic. Dorico does not at least generally do empty pages without reason. but Deleting single empty page seems be impossible. but this basic problem seems solved using frame break.

Removing overrides on empty pages does remove them. Not sure you can do that on any other tier than Dorico pro, sorry.

Is single page thing what i asked. btw i going get Pro version soon i can. So many reasons. Custom notation symbols for example is first reason. others i dont even want think now. there is indeed so many reasons.

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You can Insert a Page in Engrave mode. If it’s a blank page, not a template, then it won’t have music, and the music will pass on to the next page.

Black page using (none) in tempalte setting?
how i can remove pages what have template selected but they dont have anything. not even page numbers.

In the Pages panel on the right-hand side in Engrave mode, the completely blank pages will show up in the panel with some kind of override, typically a red triangle in the top left-hand corner of the page. Right-click that page and choose Remove Page Override. From the operation manual:

The OP is using Elements I believe.

Pro trial now. and soon i can go Pro. But I own licence for Elements.

You can remove all page overrides in Dorico Elements via the Engrave > Remove Page Overrides menu item, but you can’t selectively remove them.

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