How much can it handle?

Hi guys.
I just got myself a new laptop with a quite good specs. I would like to know how is the best way to check how much it can handle without clips and dropouts? I will use it to create EDM (psytrance). Not much microphones recording, mainly soft synths. Any good recommendations.
I thought about to create a instrument track, load it with MIDI data and duplicate it till my computer can’t handle it anymore. Is this example good enough to answer my question?

Thank you all.

This kind of synthetic test just won’t tell you anything meaningful - projects are so much more complex than this.

Different patches in VSTi’s can take different amounts of processor power, even subtle tweaks to effects can add or subtract processor time.

The best bet is to not worry until you reach the limit of the computer, then either adjust the ASIO buffer accordingly or bounce some of the tracks.

You’ll spend valuable time trying to work out something that is irrelevant - why not spend that time writing some music? - and what if your test tells you you can only make songs to a certain complexity? - will you decide to only write songs that are that complex?

T Shark


Thank you T Shark. I think you right. Why waste my precious time?! Let’s ,make some music. :wink: