How much space is required for Artist install & then the upgrade to pro

How much space is required for Artist install & then the upgrade to pro?

I have an imac with 595.31 GB (99.4 GB purgeable)

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As the System Requirements says, Cubase Pro and Artist asks for 30GB of free space.

But you don’t have to install Artist just to upgrade to Pro, if you don’t need or want to use Artist…

But since it´s the same installer anyway, it doesn´t matter what you install.

I wonder how that works because (maybe I am wrong) isn’t there content in Pro that isn’t included in Artist? Some of the HSSE3 sounds at least, such as the “Pro” library.? Does the installer skip Pro content? Do you just have to re-run the installer after upgrading? I understand the base program (“Cubase”) is the same, with the features being “unlocked” by the license detected but I still don’t understand how the content is handled. Perhaps the additional content is the same (Artist vs. Pro)?..

I did just look at the comparison and it looks like the only “content” difference is the HSSE3 Pro set. Everything else is a “feature” or “function”. Maybe the installer installs the Pro set and if an Artist license is detected it just keeps them hidden and doesn’t trigger the warning about unlicensed presets?

The download is the same file for both, and if there was not all the content being installed, the installer could not run, unless there is a USB eLicenser with a valid license being present, so the installer knows what to install and what not. And as far as i remember, you can run the installer without a license being present.

So, after upgrading the license, you may need to re-run the installer, with the license present, to get the Pro presets?
Your last post confused me. It seems to say that a license is required and not required to run the installer.

Anyway, to the OP, you could simply upgrade the license and then run the installer.

No, you just need to upgrade the license. The presets are installed already and the license determines, which ones you see.

What i wanted to say was if the content gets installed according to the version, you always need a license on your computer on installation, otherwise (without the license present at install), the installer does not know, which content to install.

Got it. I didn’t realize it did the content that way.