how much you have invested on Cubase?

Do you know how much you have invested on Cubase? and from which version?

I’ve bought it three times after selling it twice in a fit of madness plus all the updates so A LOT!!!

Briefly had Cubase VST4 before upgrading to VST5 on to SX3 - Cubase 6, 8 and then every version since then.

It’s been emotional. :joy::grin:

I go back to SL3. I have no idea how much money I’ve spent and, honestly, I don’t care. Believe me, I’m not independently wealthy by any means, but they make a good product and deserve to be paid for it. The money I spend pays people’s rent, buys them groceries, puts gas in the tank, etc. I must say, they’re very good at finding just the right thing that I MUST have in any given upgrade that makes it worth the $99 to move up.

Well… since 7.0 I think, I spend 150 $ every two years!

Since Cubase VST 3.5

What did you get out of the experience? Nothing? Would you rather have your memory erased and a pile of cash?

Not nearly enough.

And 150/24 ==> 6,25 / month.
So a little over 6 bucks per month is the avarage cost to stay updated all the time.

It’s like having one beer at the pub once a month. Not a big deal, really…
Nobody pays more than that, and it’s possible to pay less, e g using sales.

…now the Steinberg managers may think: “Hmmmm, shouldn’t Cubase be worth 2 beers a month?”… :laughing:

As a newcomer to Cubase in June this year :smiley:
I bought Cubase Artist 9.5 and then had a senior moment and upgraded to Cubase Pro 9.5,in less than 2 weeks,lol (think it was the extended features in the Pro version that did it,ha,ha ) and now upgraded Cubase Pro 10.5
As a hobbyist I have roughly invested around £600 into Cubase,and its worth it.I get a lot of pleasure from learning new things and making music,when I’m not working in my part time job in retail

Just a tease, but… you’re already on 10.5? :wink:

On Cubase, less than $700 I just started at 9.5 pro less than 3 months ago then upgraded to 10. DAWs in general? About 2 grand. I should really be better at this considering all that cash I’ve thrown at it… :frowning:

Started at Cubase 9.5 after last year’s Cakewalk debacle…

I think 1996 I started with Cubase on Atari ST520 with a red midex box. I think I still have this somewhere actually - what version was it? ? I’ve no idea.

Calculate each new version From 1996 for me…?! I’m intrigued to know myself!

2011/2012:Cubase 6/6.5+Halion 4/4.5
2012/2013:Cubase 6.5/7
2013/2014:Cubase 7/7.5
2014/2015:Cubase 7.5/8
2015/2016 Cubase 8/8.5
2016/2017 Cubase 8.5/9
2017/2018 Cubase 9/9.5
2018/2019 Cubase 9.5/10 soon
probably wavelab pro asap

Starting with Steinberg Pro 24, then Cubase, every version since 1.5. Don’t know what happened to Cubase V1.0? The worst time was changing over to PC from the Atari. I thought that as the processor on the PC ran at 32 MHz it would be four times faster. Ho ho. It was a LONG time before a PC could outrun my Atari 1040 STFM (with 4 MB ram wired in by a clever person). I had a 100 meg hard drive too, I was like a rat with a gold tooth :smiley: However much I’ve spent, I don’t begrudge a single penny, it’s been a great ride and I’ve met some super musicians along the way. Some idiots too but hey-ho!

Since SX 3. Please, no nobody calculate how much… would hate to think.

I don’t to talk about it :unamused:

Since Cubase 7… and ive upgraded every version… :laughing:

Reminds me of my path with Cubase. I worked on pro 24 before getting my own version of cubase on the Atari. Tiny hi res monitor and then a 40meg hard drive. The switch to PC was shocking for me too. I had cubase audio with a avid audio mediaiii card. I took a good few years before the pc version and my pc matched the Atari running in sync with a tascam trs8.

So I must have spent a fortune but always small chunks every year so doesn’t bother me. I used to be an expert on cubase but I don’t think I use half of the features now. I don’t miss the tape machine anymore by the way😁