How? Multi-line text for lyricists/composers' names in the project info & layout

Hi All,

If there are multiple lyricsts/composers for a piece, is there a way to input the names with line break in the project info and make it shown in multiple lines in the layout?

For example one of my current project looks like:

How do I make it look something like this way?

Any suggestions/advices would be highy appreciated!

Thank you!

Try this:

Enter the text into a word processor or text editor, separating the lines with a carriage return (Return/Enter depending on the OS and the application).
Copy the text, go into Dorico and open Project Info, then paste the text into the Composer and/or Lyricist fields. Click Apply and Close.
You will probably need to adjust the height of the relevant text frames.

It works! Thank you so much Steven!

You actually can skip that step and do in all in Project Info if you want. Just enter the text into the Copyright or Other Information fields with the correct carriage returns, then cut and paste it up into another field like Composer or Lyricist and all the line breaks will be maintained.

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Brilliant! Thank you Fred for the great tips!

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