How not to see beyond the event boundaries in the sample ed.

Chop audio event in the project window
Open the event in the sample editor
The rest of the audio that exists beyond the boundaries of the sample editor are visible
Any way to NOT see that audio info?

In C4 ‘Show Audio Event’ did the trick - but not in C5

Thanks in advance.

In C5 and 6 the command to use is “Zoom to Event”


If my saturday night desperation doesnt get in the way, … Jeff try the shortcut Shift & E … :smiley:

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@ Discoworx

Thank you for being homophobic. :laughing: (not that there’s anything wrong with it)

I might actually take you up on those beers, I’ve always wanted to go to Krakow! I live in little Poland, AKA Chicago, Illinois… (We have more Poles in Chicago than you have in Krakow)

Thanks for the responses guys.

“Jeff try the shortcut Shift & E”

Sorry - was that a joke? Not sure…

"In C5 and 6 the command to use is “Zoom to Event” "

Nope - doesn’t do it.

Not a joke, that is the default shortcut for the command.

Maybe I don’t understand what you want to do.

I imported an audio file.

Split it with the scissors

Double clicked and it opened in the sample editor

Went to the Edit menu, Zoom>Zoom to event

The view zoomed in so only the audio in the event was visible, plus a little audio on the right side that is not part of the event.

edited for clarity

Thanks again for trying to help.

When I do that, I get this:

What I would like, is to not see the rest of the event - or make it less obvious that it is there, and much easier for editing.


oh yeah - Shift+E is waht I have been using to Export Audio Mixdown since SX2; not sure what that command defaults to, so, I wasn’t sure if you were making a joke… :wink:

Select audio and then bounce selection (replace events) to create an audio file of just the bit you want.

Yup, that’s the only way I see to get exactly the waveform Jeff wants and nothing else… (though it’s not the same thing he’s looking for)

Ok, that works. Thing is, if I have 20 events that I chop from one big one, I have to bounce selection 20x. Sure, there is the KC possibility, but it’s just an extra step.

I guess what I was really looking for is not so much how not to see beyond the event boundaries, (tho that is the optimal scenario, IMO), but more how to get more of a difference between what is in the baundaries, and what isn’t. I mean, look at C4, and then look at C5:

It’s just C4 is so much easier to work with.

And then look at C6:

I just dont understand how these people think that changes like this are a good thing. We are not talking about going from one color to another - that’s personal taste; we are talking about going from easily deciphering something, to not. I just dont understand it.

Thanks guys.