How resize or move corssfades?

Hi Nuendo user,
moving and resizing crossfades is an operation that is done 1000 times a day in a sound design project. I come from Protools and there were key commands for move or resize crossfades.
How do you do it in Nuendo without using the fades dialog? What is the fastest way to move or resize crossfades with Nuendo? I have not found any key commands. :unamused:


In the Project window, use Alt+Left/Right arrows to Nudge Start Left/Right and Alt+Shift+Left/Right arrows to Nudge End Left/Right of the selected Audio Event.

Hi Martin,
thank you. Works good for resizing crossfades even if in this way resizing is not centered on the cut.
To move a crossfade, however, I would have to navigate left or right to Nudge End or Nudge Start, but every time I Navigate Left to select the audio region on the left of the crossafde, the project view jumps to the start of selected audio region and I lose the crossfade view.
Is there a way to prevent the project view from being linked to the selected regions while Navigate Left or Navigate Right?

Really? No way to move xfades in Nuendo without using mouse or time consuming workarounds?