How rude! Steiny sends vid at 5:57 AM. "Bong!!"

Do I need to unsubscribe from the Steinberg page to avoid that? Being awakened for that reason is something I’d like to avoid.

How did it wake you?

A big bong sound, the one that sounds when I get texts.


I must admit, 5:57AM is a bit early for a big bong. I usually try to leave it until after lunch time if I can…

I agree, way too soon!

Any time, is a good time … to Get It On (Bang A Gong)!

Same trouble here with BBC News alerts, we are 5 hours behind GMT, so that would probably account for your disruption Alex, guessing you’re in the western US, Hamburg is 6 hours ahead of us in Eastern time.

CST, but yeah.

It definately helps to simply switch off all devices that could produce any kinds of bings and bongs :mrgreen:

I love The Big Bong! I’m a supporter of The Big Bong Theory:

At my age I try to have one as early as possible, after lunch it might be too late… :wink: .

Not long been awake so struggling to ascertain if the OP is serious or not lol…

Unless you’re an on call doctor, fire fighter, President of The DOOP why not do like every other person with the gift of more than one brain cell and turn your devices off at night?
The reason you are experiencing this is due to the recent amazing revelation that the big thing we all live on is actually pretty much sphere shaped and not flat! :astonished: it also revolves (spins) around its own axis whilst travelling around that big hot yellow thing you might see in the sky if you look up… that’s the opposite direction to that which your shoes/feet are in… keeping this in mind we have recently discovered that this big ball we’re all on actually spins at around 1000 mph and is in fact around 24,000 miles in circumference… that’s around the ‘waist’ of the big ball… so if you think about it one part of the big ball is always going to be bathed in something called ‘light’ which the big yellow thing in the big blue thing (sky) which creates what we call ‘daytime’. now as the ball is spinning this big patch that is bathed in light actually moves… (yeah honestly i’m not messing with you here) around the entire surface of the big ball creating a period of time we call ‘a day’ which is 24 hours long… so it naturally follows that at some point in those 24 hours that at least some parts of the big ball will be in ‘darkness’, that is it receives no light from the big yellow thing in the sky… Many creatures, ourselves included go bedybyes when there is no light but while some people might be in the land of nod, on the other side of the big ball the people that live there will be experiencing ‘daytime’… believe it or not (yes i know this is a hard one to get one’s head around) those people on the other side of the world will not be in the land of nod/bedbyes but will be awake and quite possibly contributing to forums such as this on the internet…

I do hope that helps to clarify for you :wink:

And it’s ALWAYS BONG time :wink: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

My phone has a blocking feature where i can block all incoming notifications between chosen hours except calls or texts from contacts that i allow, or something very close to that description, i dont actually use it because email automatic sync is turned off and i very rarely ever get texts, and when i do, they dont make any sound unless the phone screen is on. I think it is a power saving feature.

Ka Bong!

:bulb: For e-mail recipients: turn off notifications from Steinberg, or anyone else that sends ill-timed e-mail.

:bulb: For Steinberg – batch your sends to better agree with local time zones so your customers aren’t bothered before 8 a.m. or after 8 p.m. per their local time zone.

Be The Bong

Yeah, I’ve turned them off, buh-bye Steinberg! Melda is the other one, they’re history also.

Good idea you mentioned for Steinberg, and other companies. I guess it’s not worth the time and effort for them to do that!

If your customer-base is world wide, hard to appease everyone’s time zones!

So are bongs rumored to be a part of C9? A surreal way to obscure bugs? :laughing:

Stephen57 had a good idea, but it requires some focus on the problem by the companies. I’ve unsubscribed, since the companies don’t think it’s worth their time and effort to do that.

I think this is this proper way to handle the issue. You either want the email or not. It is definitely not worth the time or effort for SB to attempt to determine the best time for each subscriber when it is so simple for each subscriber to control it themselves.

It is ridiculous to expect SB to figure out when the best time to send the email is. Millions of subscribers all over the world. Even if they could figure out the time zones of the subscribers, some people work at night. Surely, someone would be out for dinner with their family, everyones face blissfully buried in their phones, when said email rudely interrupts a wonderfully silent family outing.

My comment above about switching off all Tamagotchis when you don’t want to be disturbed (sleep, eat, family, whatever) doesn’t seem to be an option for anyone? Can’t believe tbh! I’m a little scared… :open_mouth: