how set midi controller number permanent to Model C ?

i have an ipad midi controller “midi designer” .i created 9 sliders for Drawbar control,and many knobs and buttons to control the various controllers in Model C, but every time i load model C organ in HS2 i have to do midi “Learn” to all of drawbars and controls.
is there a way i can set those Model C controls to have the same midi control number every time when i load it ?
i tried to “save as default” in midi section in options in HS2, but midi controls to Model C are not saved.
any help is welcome.
no success with generic remote in cubase too !!

Did you try: Options -> MIDI controller -> Controller assignment -> Save as defaut.
That is global though!

i did (inside HS2) but its not storing for Model C as default

I got the same problem and I think, it is a bug, isn’t it?
I can save the configuration of many parameters of the halion and the model c. But not the drawbars :open_mouth: !
Who knows a solution?